The Unbiased Home Inspector

One thing I have been seeing way too much of even here locally are home inspectors who offer repair work for the defects they find.  This is a HUGE conflict of interest. Even if your home inspector recommends OTHER people to repair their finding this too is a conflict of interest.

What is going to keep them from “trying” to find items so they can make additional money on the repair? What is going to keep them from overlooking a poor repair if they or one of their friends were the ones they recommended to do the work?

The potential for biased work is greatly increased when your home inspector either does repair work, or recommends someone to do repair work.  This also goes for Radon testing.  DO NOT hire the same person to do your Radon testing and your Radon mitigation system.  At Inspekt, we are proud to say we are 100% unbiased in our findings.  Meaning we do not offer repair work, and we do not recommend our friends or family to do repair work.  Since we are completely unbiased in our findings, our clients can be confident they are getting the most true and accurate report that is designed to help them, not designed to try and make the inspector more money!

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