The “Cheap” Indiana Home Inspector

Are you shopping around to hire a home inspector in Indianapolis, Columbus, Seymour, Greenwood, Bloomington or anywhere in between? If so, please take a few minutes to read this post. One thing we see all too often is people choosing their Home Inspector based on price. Many people do not realize that home inspectors come in all shapes and sizes.  Some home inspection companies base their process on the state minimum requirements.  Although this is acceptable, this inspection will be very basic. On the other hand, some home inspection companies like INSPEKT, go above and beyond the standards of practice to offer our clients additional protection when making such a large purchase.

Buying a home is a serious investment and hiring the cheapest Inspector to evaluate your home is a risky move.  Inspekt does not pride itself on being the cheapest Home Inspector but being the most thorough. This is why some of the best Realtors in Columbus, Indianapolis, Greenwood and Whiteland recommend Inspekt to their Clients.

So please, if you are in the process of hiring a home inspector, interview them. What are their credentials? Do they have very many testimonials from happy clients? Do they offer any sort of additional protection for you outside of the minimum standards of practice? Will they be around after you move in and possible defects are discovered?

Feel free to call INSPEKT to see all the services we add to protect our clients!

Cheap home inspectors are risky
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