Travis T

If your realtor does not recommend Inspekt, it’s because they are afraid of what Blake will find. He is by far the most honest, thorough, and knowledgeable home inspector in Columbus, and probably the entire region.

I found Inspekt by recommendation from a friend and the online reviews, which I thought were too good to be true. Now here I am, adding one more 5-star rating for his superior service. His inspection took over 3 hours using very advanced technology. He will not rush the job. He is not collaborating with a realtor to push the home sale on you. He is not afraid to get dirty and explore that creepy crawlspace under our 100-year old house. My report from Inspekt is over 60 pages long and includes detailed photos and suggestions for how to proceed with repairs (AKA the biggest honey-do list ever!). The base inspection price is an incredible value for a normal home inspection, but Blake at Inspekt goes above and beyond.

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