Russ H

Blake worked for me in the Home Inspection industry in Florida. He was one of the very best employees that I have ever had. His knowledge, work ethic and overall caring for whatever he does reflects in his everyday life. As a home inspector, I keep trying to bribe him to come back! That is how good he is, but his family commitment in Indiana is just the kind of guy he is. There would be absolutely no hesitation to use Blake. His knowledge, desire to be the best and most importantly he cares. This is not a job for him, it is a profession and every job has his name on it, which means very much to him. For a young man, he has old time values. Do not hesitate to use him on one of the most important decisions your about to make. Don’t let those young looks fool ya, he is one smart guy with a passion for his profession. You have much riding on this decision, and at least give him a call and let him tell you why he is the best choice, I am sure you will agree.

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