Namit G

I was referred to Blake by my realtor and I am glad I hired Blake. He reached the house to be inspected ahead of time. I liked his setup. he has a van with all the tools to deliver a great job on the go. For a young lad, Blake is thoroughly professional and highly knowledgeable. Blake was very through and spent close to 8 hours on my house. This was my second house and I was not expecting him to spend that much time (considering how little time an inspector from another company spent on my first house). He looked at every nook and corner and was able to capture minute details. I was amazed at how committed he was. He went up to inspect the attic and came down covered with dirt and insulation. I liked his equipment for Radon testing which is more accurate than the others. He even offered free radon, recall check and re-inspection that the price. Like others have mentioned, he also brought his thermal imaging equipment that came in handy. His report was very thorough and very nicely prepared. His inspection report was instrumental for me going back to the seller and negotiating a new roof before closing. All in all I am more than happy and would highly recommend Blake and Home Inspekt.

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