Kyle W

Blake is a very professional and personable business owner. He was very informative throughout the inspection process and had no problem showing and letting me follow him through the home and seeing firsthand the issues he was finding. He had some very good pointers as well as tips and tricks for general home maintenance and small repairs. I feel Blake went above and beyond the general home inspection with how thorough he was with the smallest of things. He made sure to open every window, every door, operated every appliance, checked every faucet, inspected all available plumbing for any signs of leaks or damage, and also performed a whole home review with his thermal imaging. Some of the perks Blake offers such has the thermal imaging are unmatched and are a great way to view potential or unseen issues as well as any possible thermal loss issues. At the end of the inspection he provided a book with some great information for home ownership and maintenance as well as a very comprehensive report with pictures of everything from the roof to the kitchen sink! I will be using Blake again for any home inspection needs.

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