Katee Holman

As first time home buyers the inspection process can be a little nerve-wracking. Blake provided us with a very positive experience and left us feeling comfortable with his expertise and professionalism. He was extremely thorough in his inspection and spent the time it took to diagnose any and all defects of the house. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions we may have had. He set up a projector in the garage and gave us a presentation of his findings and recommendations, as well as a 53 page detailed report of the inspection complete with pictures and potential solutions. He even provided links for places the seller can purchase the parts needed for some of the repairs. By far the best in the business! We wouldn’t want to go with any other home inspector. And to top it all off, he comes back for a free re-inspection after the seller finishes fixing the house. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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