Chelsea Gregg

Blake has completed home inspections on two properties for me this year (the first of which fell through due to complications), and he did an excellent job with both. As a first-time home buyer, I had very little idea of what to watch out for when looking at a home and how to find issues that would require repair. Blake carried out very thorough inspections of both properties and prepared a stellar report of his findings in both cases. His reports are broken down into two categories – issues that require resolution in the short-term, and issues that are not immediate concerns but should be monitored in the future and could be resolved at a later point in time. It was very detailed and laid out in such a way that a home-repairs novice like myself could easily understand it. And one of the unique aspects of Blake’s service that no other inspection company that I am aware of provides is a free re-inspection after the seller has completed requested repairs. If you’re shopping for a home inspection now or in the future, Blake’s your guy!

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