I Can’t Afford a Home Inspection

This is something that I have heard quite a bit from people who are buying a home. No doubt buying a home is a very expensive process when you take into account all the different people who are involved in the transaction, and you may feel that you cant afford to hire a home inspector. The real question is though, can you afford NOT to hire a home inspector. Hiring a home inspector is a small price to pay in comparison to what you often get in return. For around a few hundred dollars we can potentially find items that could cost you thousands down the road. Things that you would have most likely never realized if you didn’t get an home inspection. Some of these items include, water intrusion, leaking roofs, structural defects, safety hazards or appliances not operating as intended. At INSPEKT we have been highly trained in defect recognition to ensure our Clients know exactly what they are dealing with before they commit to buying a home. When you hire INSPEKT as your home inspector you will ahave peace of mind in your purchase, knowing that we used all our training, tools and technology to evaluate the home and to provide you with the best home inspection possible!

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