Greenwood Indiana Home Inspection

A randomly installed drop ceiling in a bedroom. It might not seem like much, but to INSPEKT it seems odd. Here we found a plumbing leak from the bathroom above, covered by a drop ceiling. The only indication of this leak was from a quarter sized blue spot on our thermal screen. Two things that made this discovery possible:
1)Following a strict inspection routine. If the proper routine was not followed or if you do things out of order, this leak would not have been found.
2)Having the right tools. Without having the right tools for the job, we wouldn’t have been able to see or measure the moisture.

How much do we charge to bring this expensive equipment in and spend the extra hour or so needed to find these problems? NOTHING! This is just a standard home inspection from INSPEKT!

IMG_7231 Indianapolis Home Inspection, Greenwood Indiana Home Inspector
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