Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Indiana Home

Fall Maintenance Tips

It is important to use the remaining weather of fall to get your home ready for the winter.  Here are a few maintenance tips to keep you and your family dry and warm this winter:

  • Check your gutters and down spouts. Clogged gutters, clogged downspouts and missing/broken gutter hangers can cause ice damage. It is important to keep these clean and secure heading into winter.
  • Get the fireplace ready. If you plan on using the fireplace this winter, it is important to start inspecting it now to ensure this is ready for this winter. This includes cleaning the flue, cleaning and securing the rain hat or spark arrestor, sealing any cracks at the exterior chimney and chimney cap and ensuring the firebox is clean and in good condition.
  • Sealing exterior cracks or holes. It is important to walk around your home to check for any visible cracks or holes that could leak to possible water or ice damage.
  • Check the roof. Make sure there are no missing or damaged shingles, cracked pipe boots, or left over fall debris on the roof.

Keep your home maintained in the fall will ensure your family stays comfortable this winter!INSPEKT Home Inspection In Indianapolis Indiana

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