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Crawlbot HD-T

At Inspekt crawling has become a breeze! Thank to the new and improved Crawlbot, with an impressive tank track and 0-degree turning for those tight spaces, the Crawlbot is loaded with a 180-degree panning, tilting, camera with improved lighting for impeccable clarity. The app for the Crawlbot allows us to edit and mark-up pictures and videos directly from the remote. Running on a HD-T 18V Lipo battery to supply the juice needed to get through those tight crawlspace cavities. We can inspect the next cramped crawlspace with ease.

Crawlbot Features

  • 18V lipo battery to supply the needed juice.
  • Zero-degree turning for those tight spaces.
  • 180-degree panning camera.
  • Self-centering panning servo.
  • Full size tilt servo.
  • Improved lighting and live video feed.
  • Custom cut water proof case with extension handle and ball bearing wheels.
  • Built for the future with room to evolve.
  • slowed down to 30 rpm motors with triple the torque of the original 6.
  • Semi-sealed drive train to reduce derailing. 
  • Digital long range video transmission system. (No more break up)
  • Long runtime with easy swap battery.
  • Lighter and more resistant chassis with adjustable track tension motor mount.
  • Live Mark – To mark up pictures while inspecting live.

Crawlbot Quick Start

Crawlbot Unboxing

Call us at 844-467-7358 to learn more about our Indiana home inspection service or you can Contact Us. For more information about Crawlbot visit https://crawlbot.net/