About Us

My name is Blake T. Spann I am the owner of INSPEKT and licensed Home Inspector in the state of Indiana. Many home inspectors often state their experience in this trade by years. You will often see inspectors who have been in construction for 20+ years or have been a home inspector for 10+ years. While all of this is very good experience, I like to state my experienced not necessarily on years of experience, but how many home inspections I have performed. Since 2008 I have completed 3000+ home inspections. These homes included everything from small Condo’s to $30 Million dollar beach front estates in southwest Florida. No matter what the value of the home is however, I treat all inspections the same. My goal is to educate you on your home’s condition so you can make a confident decision about your purchase.

INSPEKT Columbus Indiana

  • AHIT Graduate (American Home Inspector Training Institute)
  • InterNACHI Certified (NACHI11080105)
  • NRPP Certified (National Radon Proficiency Program 107588RT)
  • IAC2 Certified (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants)
  • EPA Certified (82FE5430393192990)
  • Indiana Licensed Home Inspector (HI01400050)
  • Indiana Licensed Radon Measurement Provider (RTP00700)

I will put my experience and training to work when you hire INSPEKT for your home inspection and/or environmental testing in Greenwood, Columbus, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Whiteland or Franklin. I am so confident that you will be satisfied with my work that I offer a 200% guarantee, which means I will not only refund your money but also pay for another home

Every INSPEKT Home Inspection Comes With:

  • Onsite Reporting From Our Mobile┬áConference Room
  • Thermal Imaging
  • One Free┬áRe-Inspection
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee
  • Unmatched Customer Service

Does Your Current Home Inspector Offer All These Services For Free With Every Home Inspection?